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Zeebrakids, known for their fun, stylish, and creative baby accessories, takes pride in crafting designs with utmost attention to detail. Their products aren’t just cute; they are comfortable and functional, designed with tiny feet in mind. Zeebrakids brings irresistible joy to families with perfectly packaged baby shoes that make the perfect gift. Their main goal is to create accessories that bring smiles and rekindle the love parents have for their little ones.

Digital Marketing

Our email marketing services were tailored to mirror the essence of Zeebrakids’ brandβ€”fun, stylish, and creative. We designed engaging email campaigns that resonated with their audience, delivering messages that captured hearts and drove results.


  • Increased Engagement: Through our strategic email marketing campaigns, we witnessed a surge in customer engagement. Subscribers not only opened their emails but also actively explored the brand’s offerings.
  • Growing Brand Affinity: Our emails effectively communicated the brand’s values and personality, nurturing a stronger connection between Zeebra kids and its audience.

Our partnership with Zeebra kids yielded outstanding results. Our strategic email marketing campaigns led to a significant increase in customer engagement, with subscribers actively exploring the brand’s offerings after opening their emails. Furthermore, our emails effectively conveyed the brand’s values and personality, nurturing a stronger connection between Zeebrakids and its audience. This heightened brand affinity translated into enhanced brand loyalty, as customers rediscovered their love for Zeebra kids products.

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