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Established in 2010, Lilac & Creme is renowned for its luxurious, hand-decorated cheesecakes that embody quality and elegance. The brand positions its cakes as more than mere desserts; they are statements of style and grace, ideal for personal enjoyment and corporate gifting. Offering a range from classic to innovative flavors, Lilac & Creme aims to deliver unique taste experiences that enhance every occasion with joy and indulgence.

Email Marketing

Our targeted email marketing strategy for Lilac & Creme was crafted to connect with their audience on a personal level. By curating content that showcased their seasonal specials, exclusive deals, and the artistry behind their cheesecakes, we created a series of campaigns that enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, while also driving sales.


  • Elevated Brand Image: The email marketing efforts have significantly enhanced Lilac & Creme’s brand image, positioning them as a top-tier provider of gourmet cheesecakes.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Our initiatives aimed at improving the shopping experience, focusing on ease of navigation and engaging product presentation, were designed to elevate the overall customer journey at Lilac & Creme.
  • Increased Customer Retention: The personalized email campaigns have led to increased customer retention, with more repeat orders and a growing community of loyal customers.

Our comprehensive digital strategy for Lilac & Creme has not only elevated their online presence but has also driven substantial growth in sales and customer engagement, reinforcing their position as a distinguished name in the gourmet dessert industry.

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