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Founded in 2002, Cherie Accessories is a creative force in fashion accessories, with a particular focus on hair bows and head coverings. What started as an inspiration from the founder’s daughter blossomed into a broader mission in 2007, when the brand expanded into headscarves and wig accessories to support cancer patients. Cherie Accessories is more than just fashion; it’s a symbol of dignity and support for those in medical battles.

Web development

Digital Marketing

In addition, we developed a compassionate email marketing strategy that not only promotes fashion but also fosters a heartfelt connection between Cherie Accessories and their audience, emphasizing their mission of support and dignity.


  • Empowering Diverse Beauty: The custom e-commerce solution we designed for Cherie Accessories celebrates diverse beauty, offering not just fashion but also a symbol of strength and resilience.
  • A Touch of Compassion: Our email marketing campaigns seamlessly intertwine fashion with compassion, creating a heartwarming connection between Cherie Accessories and their audience.

We provided custom e-commerce solutions that celebrate diverse beauty and fortify it with strength and resilience. Through our compassionate email marketing campaigns, we’ve seamlessly blended fashion with empathy, fostering a heartfelt connection between Cherie Accessories and their audience.

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